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2019 New Holland Agriculture Compact Telehandler LM6.28

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New Holland Agriculture
Compact Telehandler LM6.28



  • Two LM Models, Countless Applications: At New Holland, we listen to our customers. We understand key telehandler demands vary from those seeking a telehandler with the reach to pick up, transport and stack large bales to those who need a compact machine that will see daily use for livestock duties - and everything in between. Choose from the LM5.25 or LM6.28 compact telehandlers. With the LM Series, New Holland has a telehandler to suit specific demands.
Compact Telehandlers Features
  • Small In Size, Big In Performance: The new LM Series compact telehandlers work well in tight spaces and enable you to get the job done in hard-to-reach areas. The 75-hp LM5.25 and 101-hp LM6.28 measure just 70.8 and 79.2 inches wide respectively. With a turn radius as small as 11.2 feet, these compact handlers can operate in tight spaces. Heights of just 78 and 79.2 inches enable either machine to work in low buildings such as poultry houses. But do not think compact dimensions mean limited capacity. The LM5.25 and LM6.28 have maximum capacities of 5,512 and 6,172 pounds, and maximum lift heights of 18.9 and 20.8 feet respectively. This combination of maneuverability and performance makes these telehandlers more versatile than a tractor with a loader, and more efficient than a larger skid steer loader, and ideally suited for mixed farming.
Drivetrain Features
  • Responsive Power: The 75-horsepower LM5.25 should not be taken lightly since it combines a narrow working width of 70.8 inches with a lift capacity of 5,512 lbs. (2,500 kg) and a lift height of 18.9 feet. The LM6.28 incorporates more stability and power with a working width of 79.2 inches and a 101-hp engine. With a 20.8-foot boom and a lift capacity of 6,172 pounds, the LM6.28 is able to handle all your jobs in those confined spaces.
  • Hydrostatic Drive Simplicity: Compact telehandlers are ideally suited for handling materials and for duties that include numerous direction changes. The LM5.25 features a single-speed hydrostatic transmission, while the LM6.28 has a dual-speed transmission, both with an inching pedal. Use the single drive pedal to speed or slow the machine, with less need to operate the brakes. The inching pedal helps increase your precision and is ideal for applications such as stacking bales and handling.
  • High Performance For Compact Models: The LM5.25 has a 21.1-gpm hydraulic pump to power it through the tasks at hand. The LM6.28 delivers up to an impressive 29.0 gpm of hydraulic flow to meet the most demanding applications.
  • Greater Maneuverabilty: Among the most compact in its class, the LM5.25 is the ideal choice for operating in low buildings with narrow access. The LM5.25 has a low overall height of 76.1 inches with the standard 12.5x16.5 industrial tires and a slightly higher overall height of 78.3 inches with the larger 12x18 ag bar tires. The overall height of the LM6.28 is 80.3 inches with the standard 20-inch ag tires, or just 1.6 inches higher with the optional 24-inch ag tires. This makes these compact telehandlers low enough to get into low-clearance barns and buildings that a standard tractor with a loader or a skid steer loader may not be able to access. You can work in the field on barnyard without worry thanks to ample ground clearance — 10.6 to 12.2 inches for the LM5.25 and 13.8 to 15.4 inches for the LM6.28.
  • Compact Steering Modes: Steering performance further boosts the appeal of these models. You can select two-wheel, four-wheel and crab-steer modes to ensure that you can get the job done no matter what terrain or environment you encounter. Four-wheel mode delivers a short turn radius of only 11 feet for the LM5.25 and 13 feet for the wider LM6.28, allowing you to turn around in tight spaces.
Construction Features
  • Built To Last: Manufactured to exacting quality standards, New Holland compact telehandlers are really simple to look after. You can complete daily checks within a few minutes and, when a service is required, the thoughtful design makes access to filters and key components simple
  • Booms Designed For The Task: The two-section booms on the LM5.25 and LM6.28 compact models are designed to last, with all key components manufactured with thick, reinforced 0.6 inch (15 mm) plate steel. Total attachment rotation for the LM5.25 is 128 degrees, while attachment rotation for the LM6.28 is 147 degrees. Add the optional Smooth Ride boom suspension system to improve control and reduce boom bounce while in transport to provide a more comfortable ride. One boom-mounted, double-acting hydraulic valve is standard to easily operate attachments with hydraulic requirements such as a grapple bucket. In addition, a continuous flow option is available for attachments that have hydraulic motors.
Cab Features
  • Spacious Cab. 360° Visibility: A spacious cab – larger than most competitive compact models – contradicts the compact size of these machines. With 12.3 square feet of glass on the LM5.25 and 13.4 square feet of glass on the LM6.28, 360-degree visibility comes as standard equipment. The standard air conditioning system has a large condenser that provides high levels of air flow through the five position-controlled air vents to ensure whole-body climate control in all temperatures. In order to provide additional visibility in low light conditions, a work light package including front, rear and boom lights is available on the LM5.25 and comes as standard equipment on the LM6.28
  • Simple, New Controls: A newly styled instrument cluster on both compact telehandler models includes a tachometer and fuel gauge dials. Additionally, the central backlit LCD display lists key operating information that includes load moment indicator, instant fuel consumption and DPF filter level indicator. The new 4-in-1 joystick design offers two hydraulic and two electro-proportional control buttons for easier control of all boom functions and attachments. Forward and reverse direction controls can be added to the joystick to further enhance the ease of operation.
Attachments Features
  • A Wide Range of Attachments For More Versatility: A wide range of attachments is available to fit the skid-steer-style attachment of the LM5.25 or the Manitou-style attachment of the LM6.28, including: • Buckets for heavy digging or moving high volumes of loose material • Hay handling grabs, spears, forks and grapples for bales of any size and shape • Pallet forks for handling palletized materials • Many other specialized skid steer or Manitou-style attachments
Max. Lift Capacity
  • Max. lift capacity lbs. (kg): 6,172 (2800)
Max. Lift Heigh
  • Max. lift height ft. (m): 20.8 (6.35)
Boom Suspension
  • Smooth Ride Control - boom suspension: Optional
  • Type: 4 Cylinder Tier 4 Common Rail
  • Displacement cu.in. (L): 268 (4.4)
  • Aspiration: Turbo
  • Max. power ISO14396 - ECE R120 @ rpm hp (kW): 101 (74.5) @ 2200
  • Max. torque ISO14396 - ECE R120 @ rpm ft. lbs. (Nm): 247 (335) @ 1500
  • Cold climate start device: Standard
  • Variable capacity hydrostatic: Hydro 2 speed
Service Brakes
  • Actuation: Hydraulic power assisted
  • Type: Oil immersed discs
  • Discs per axle: 6
  • Differential lock: Front
  • Hydraulic oil gal. (L) (Litres): 37.0 (140)
  • Fuel gal. (L) (Litres): 26.4 (100)
  • Gear pump gpm (l/min): 29.1 (110)
  • Hydraulic controls: Proportional
  • Joystick with Proportional Controls: Standard
  • Joystick with Proportional and flow sharing controls: Optional
  • Joystick with Proportional and F-N-R integrated controls: Optional
  • Max noise level (dB(A)): 80
  • Vision (°): 360
  • Adjustable steering column: Standard
  • Power steering: 2WS / 4WS / Crab
  • Rotating beacon: Standard
  • Deluxe seat with pneumatic suspension: Standard
  • Heater: Standard
  • Air conditioning: Standard
  • Two cab pilot lights for steering alignment (LM6.28 only): Standard
  • Cab comfort kit - sun visor, oddments holder, phone holder, inclinometer: Standard
  • Reverse alarm: Standard
  • Front work lights on top of cab x 2: Standard
  • Rear work lights on top of cab x 2: Standard
  • Boom work lights: Standard
Wheels & Tires
  • Standard: 400 / 70x20
  • Optional: 405 / 70x24



Lift Capacity
6,172 lb. (2800 kg)
Maximum Lift Height
20.8 ft. (6.35 m)


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