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2019 New Holland Agriculture Large-Frame Telehandler - Tier 4B LM6.32

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New Holland Agriculture
Large-Frame Telehandler - Tier 4B LM6.32



  • The Ultimate Material Handling Multi-Tool: At New Holland, we listen to our customers. We understand the difference between operations requiring a telehandler with the reach to pick up, transport and stack large bales to those in need of a machine that sees daily use for livestock duties - and everything in between. New Holland has models designed to meet these varying demands. One is certain to become the ultimate material handling multi-tool for your applications.
  • Four Models For Multiple Applications: Choose from four New Holland large-frame telehandlers - the LM6.32, LM7.42 Classic, LM7.42 Elite or the LM9.35. Equipped with Tier4B 4.5-liter NEF engines, all provide responsive power and the reach to pick up, transport and stack large bales and dozens of other applications. See which model is best for you.
  • LM6.32, LM7.42 Classic and LM9.35: If you're looking for a machine dedicated to scooping, stacking or loading with the standard comforts of an ag tractor, New Holland offers three affordable large-frame standard-configuration models that are the ideal choice for broad-acre, mixed farm and contract applications. • 130 max horsepower • 4F/3R powershift transmission with speeds up to 22.9 mph • 36.9 gallon-per-minute (gpm) variable displacement pump (31.7-gpm gear pump option available) • 3-mode steering system • Full-time 4WD and front limited slip differential
  • The LM7.42 Elite: The LM7.42 Elite provides higher power, enhanced performance and deluxe comfort for demanding farm and contract operators who want a dedicated material handling machine for the most challenging applications. • 143 max horsepower • High power-to-weight ratio for heavy material handling tasks • 6F/3R powershift transmission with automatic speed selection for speeds 4/5/6, and speeds up to 23.7 mph • 36.9-gpm variable displacement pump hydraulic system operated via an armrest-mounted joystick • 3-mode steering system with automatic alignment • Full-time 4WD and limited-slip differential on both front and rear axles.
Engine Features
  • Clean Performance, Responsive Productivity: Large-frame LM telehandlers are powered by Tier 4B compliant NEF 4.5-liter, four-cylinder FPT engines. Proven in the New Holland T6 tractors, these exceptionally clean-running engines employ ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR technology, have a long 600-hour service interval and a proven economy and dependability record.
  • 130 To 143 Max Horsepower: Rated power outputs are 119 horsepower for the LM6.32, LM7.42 Classic and LM9.35 and 129 horsepower for the LM7.42 Elite. These figures climb to 130 and 143 horsepower as engine speed drops to 1,800 rpm (1,900 rpm for LM7.42 Elite). To minimize power loss, the engine flywheel connects directly to the transmission via a heavy-duty 11-inch (280mm) torque converter, a transfer box directing power to the front and rear axles.
  • Reversing Fans Keep Everything Cool: Engage the standard engine reversing fan and every six minutes the engine and cooling package fan reverses direction for 15 seconds. This helps blow dust and contaminants from the engine radiator, oil cooler and intercooler and also helps keep the external engine hood screens free of debris. Working to the same cycle, two separate electrical fans reverse to clean the air conditioning, fuel cooler and transmission radiators.
Transmission Features
  • LM6.32, LM7.42 Classic and LM9.35: A full powershift 4F/3R (four forward and three reverse speed) transmission is standard on the LM6.32, LM7.42 Classic and LM9.35, with clutch-free changes between each gear. Simply choose speeds using buttons on the console-mounted joystick, and make direction changes with the forward-reverse shuttle lever on the steering column.
  • Transport Mode: All four models achieve a maximum 22.9-mph transport speed (with 460/70R24 tires). Transport mode engages automatically in third gear or at speeds exceeding 7.5 mph. This locks the rear steering wheels in the straight-ahead position, allowing steering from the front axle only.
  • LM7.42 Elite Auto Advancement: A 6F/3R powershift transmission on the LM7.42 Elite gives you the ability to select Auto mode. Effective in speeds 4, 5 and 6, Auto mode automatically changes gears to select the most appropriate gear in relation to engine and forward speed, making it ideal for transport applications. Top speed ranges up to 23.7 mph (tire dependent). To enhance the ease of operation, all gear and direction changes can be made using the armrest-mounted joystick. For those who prefer it, a column-mounted shuttle lever is also available.
Construction Features
  • Strength By Design: Strength and durability are key components of a reliable material handling machine which is why the large-frame LM Series telehandler boom and frame are designed to be more robust and durable than ever. Additionally, the perfectly balanced design of the rear boom provides a natural counter balance when lifting to provide additional stability and operator safety.
  • State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Techniques: New Holland has invested millions in the production line for large-frame models. Robot welding is a key manufacturing process and ensures consistent quality during chassis and boom construction.
  • Rugged Boom Design: Based around twin U-shaped 0.39- to 0.47-inch (10- to 12-mm) thick sections, the boom is immensely strong, with heavy-duty pivot pins for optimum durability. Wear pads adjust quickly using a simple screw and lock nut design, without the need for special tools. Hydraulic end-stroke dampers are incorporated into the boom rams, automatically ensuring the boom smoothly and fully extends and returns to its fully retracted position. This hydraulic damping helps protect the boom and operator from shock loads.
  • A Strong Foundation: The one-piece H-shape ladder chassis is made from one-inch-thick, high tensile steel that is fully robot-welded to ensure exceptional torsional rigidity. The boom support is exceptionally strong, and its mass helps to counterbalance heavy loads.
  • Boom Float Option: When engaged by the operator, boom float is designed to allow the attachment to follow the contour of the ground, which is ideal for applications such as ground leveling. The system automatically deactivates when the boom exceeds a 35-degree lift angle. Boom float is available on LM6.32, LM7.42 Classic and LM9.35 Models.
  • Smooth Ride Boom Suspension: Smooth Ride boom suspension helps to provide an even ride by reducing shock loads while moving bales from the field, traveling across uneven gravel with a full bucket load for the mixer, or any other application where the terrain is uneven. Simply engage or disengage this feature via a rocker switch on the front console. The system automatically deactivates when the boom exceeds a 35-degree lift angle to ensure stability and provide precise control of the load. This system is standard on LM7.42 Elite models and optional on LM6.32, LM7.42 Classic and LM9.35 models.
  • Excellent Stability: New Holland has engineered the chassis with 40/60 weight distribution to eliminate the need for a counterweight. The design delivers excellent stability and traction when loaded. The mass that would be used in a counterweight is instead built into the chassis to boost its strength.
  • Low-Profile Headstock: The low-profile headstock features an attachment angle of almost 45 degrees compared to 90 degrees of previous models. The lower-profile design allows you to stack loads closer to the roof. The standard carrier has a tilt angle is 142 degrees. As an option, you can choose a less aggressive carrier with only 128 degrees on the LM6.28 or LM9.35. The hydraulic attachment lock allows you to quickly hook up any Manitou-style attachment.
Cab/rops Features
  • Exceptional Comfort and Visibility Enhances Productivity: Extensive research by New Holland led to the development of the 360 Vision Cab. Offering class-leading space and comfort, the cab affords excellent all-around visibility with an unparalleled view of the front of the forks when fully lowered. Not only does the extra visibility boost loader work productivity but it also speeds attachment changeovers.
  • More Glass, Clear Visibility: A key design objective of the 360 Vision cab was to reduce ‘blind spots’ over the front of the boom, particularly when fully raised and fully lowered. By combining a wide and deep front screen with slim ‘A’ pillars, the visibility from the operator seat is greatly enhanced.
  • Highly Visibile Night Mode: A clear night view is possible with multiple work lights mounted to the front and rear of the cab and at the end of the boom. The LM7.42 Elite comes standard with a total of 10 LED lights (5 front facing, 3 rear facing and 2 side facing). LM6.32, LM7.42 Classic and LM9.35 models feature up to 8 LED lights (5 front facing and 3 rear facing) added as an option.
  • LM6.32, LM7.42 Classic & LM9.35: For LM6.32, LM7.42 Classic and LM9.35 telehandlers, the electrohydraulic joystick is mounted on the console, with the forward/reverse shuttle on the steering column. Neutral and transmission shift buttons are on the joystick. An air suspension seat and tilt steering wheel provide enhanced operator comfort.
  • LM7.42 Elite: The LM7.42 Elite air suspension seat combined with armrest-mounted controls provide the ultimate in cab operator comfort. The electronic joystick is mounted on the seat armrest and includes the transmission shift, neutral and forward/reverse shuttle buttons. The adjustable tilt and telescopic steering wheel has a column-mounted shuttle lever for the comfort of operators who are used to a power shuttle on a tractor.
  • Engineered For Low Noise: The best way to reduce noise is to eliminate its sources. By combining a number of design developments, large-frame LM telehandler in-cab noise levels are just 75dB(A). A key to the low noise levels is the SCR-equipped engines. These clean-running power units also offer exceptionally low bystander noise levels.
Hydraulics Features
  • Powerful Hydraulics Deliver Fast Work Cycles: Efficient hydraulics are key to telehandler productivity. This goes beyond pump capacity. Efficient use of available oil, optimized ram sizes and effective control valves all make a contribution to overall performance. Large frame LM Series telehandlers benefit from New Holland’s 15 years of telehandler development and careful attention to the design of the hydraulic circuit – not just improving cycle times but also ensuring performance is maintained in demanding conditions, including extreme heat. Options for large-frame models include a set of rear remotes and additional boom-mounted valves to control external attachments.
  • Variable Pump Delivers High Output At Low Engine Speeds: All models come equipped with a high-performance, variable displacement piston pump with a maximum output of 36.9 gallons per minute (gpm). Pump features include the ability to deliver a high rate of flow at all engine speeds, and to also close down when there is no demand on the system. This allows more engine power to be diverted to the transmission, which is of particular value during transport and when climbing a steep slope. As soon as there is a demand for hydraulic flow, the pump delivers.
  • Gear Pump Simplicity Linked To Advanced Control: LM6.32 and LM9.35 telehandlers have the option of a 31.7-gpm gear pump for operations where the high-performance, variable displacement piston pump is not needed. To optimize performance, the console-mounted joystick operates electro-hydraulic valves. Not only does this deliver full proportional control, it also allows you to operate more than one function at a time for optimum productivity.
Steering/brakes Features
  • Maneuver Easily Around Obstacles: Four-wheel steering mode provides the large-frame LM telehandlers with a turning radius of just 12.8 feet, tight enough to maneuver around many obstacles. Crab steer mode creates the ability to move a load into or out of an area in a diagonal direction to easily maneuver around posts or immovable objects. Front-wheel steering works well for general use and transport applications, allowing you to operate the telehandler just like a standard tractor. The LM7.42 Elite also features auto wheel alignment when switching between all-wheel, crab and front-wheel steering.
  • Bigger Tires: Large-frame telehandlers are equipped with 460/70R24 tires as standard. These are the ideal size for general-purpose applications and yard work. Wider 500/70R24 are available to enhance flotation – a plus when hauling heavy bales across the field. Ground clearance at the lowest point under the axles is more than enough for your daily chores or working over rough terrain.
  • Full-Time 4WD and Auto Traction Control: Full-time 4WD (four-wheel drive) and a front limited-slip differential are standard equipment. Developed specifically for telehandler applications, the differential directs up to 45% of available torque across the axle to ensure the wheel with the greatest traction always get power. A locking rear differential is standard on the LM7.42 Elite.
  • Hydraulic Wet Disk Brakes: Designed to offer long life with minimal maintenance, the sealed wet disc brakes in both of the LM telehandler axles are designed to operate at higher transport speeds. The parking brake* is activated via a dash-mounted switch. *SAHR system (Spring Applied Hydraulic Release).
Attachments Features
  • A Wide Offering of Attachments Make LM Telehandlers Extemely Versatile: Turned loose with the right attachments, LM telehandlers handle a variety of jobs quickly.
  • Big Jobs: Rely on large-frame LM telehandlers to take care of all sorts of big jobs. In addition to the long list of available Manitou-style attachments, adapter plates are available to mount skid steer or Matbro attachments. The standard in-cab hydraulic attachment locking system and boom auxiliary hydraulics make an LM telehandler even more versatile as a multi-tool carrier. So, the question of, “What would I do with a LM telehandler?” very quickly changes to “What would I do without one?”
  • Buckets; • 2.25 yd³ x 96 in.; • 3.25 yd³ x 96 in.; • 2.15 yd³ x 96 in. w/grapple
  • Pallet forks; • 48-inch pallet forks (set of 2) 4 in. wide x 1.75 in. thick; • 60-inch pallet forks (set of 2) 4 in. wide x 2 in. thick
  • Bale handling; • Dual round bale spike; • Large square bale grab; • Large square bale fork
  • Truss boom - 12 foot; Silage Bunker Defacer
  • Boom Hydraulics: One set of boom hydraulics is standard equipment, with the option to add a second set, turning your telehandler into a true multi-tool carrier. An optional continuous flow feature allows the auxiliary circuit to operate attachments with hydraulic motors such as silage defacers, rotary brooms and augers.
  • Max. lift capacity lbs. (kg): 7,054 (3200)
  • Max. lift height ft. (m): 20.6 (6.3)
  • Rated power @2,200 rpm: 119 hp
  • Max power @1,800 rpm: 130 hp



Lift Capacity
7,054 lb. (3200 kg)
Maximum Lift Height
20.6 ft. (6.3 m)


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